Journey to OZ 
23 July - 2 August 2014

Never popped in mind to visit OZ. During idul fitri holiday everyone was planning their vacation. Since all those kind busy things, I think its time to make a journey little bit far. So I choose to visit koala land. Thanks yo Cheap-O-air, I could bought the ticket in relatively cheap. You can take AirAsia as the cheapest one but I'm not recommend them if you take long flight. My flight schedule was on 4.45am Jkt time. I was transit in KL for two hours before took flight to Brisbane. 

Yes, Brisbane was my first city to arrive. Around 9pm, I arrived at Brisbane  
International Airport. Compare to Changi airport in Singapore, Brisbane has smaller terminal. As the new comer, I prefer to take taxi from the airport. Brisbane was quite city. Living in Jakarta, its not difficult for me to find street snack or late dine after 10 pm. But not in Brisbane. I stay at Metropolitan Inn hotel. Compare to other hotel, this room quite cheap. However, I'm not recommended if you are traveling with your family. The only reason, I choose to stay here because I know, I'm going to arrived very late. So back in looking for late dine, finally I choose to eat Hungry Jack (again another junk food). They open 24 hours, so they are really good back up plan. My hotel is 15 mins walking distance to Southbank (CBD area) where I took my first hungry jack. The weather was really nice, it was around 18 degrees celcius, not too windy, and it was good to walk with this weather at night.

Tips: Brisbane is not big, so make sure if you dont much time, booked the hotel around Southbank.

In the mid of many accident, I stand with MH.
Brisbane at night

DAY 2 (BNE City Tour/Museum)
I started the day by having a coffee near my hotel. I like coffee shop is OZ, later on I will share you my coffee shop tour when I was in Melbourne. So today, I had a schedule to meet my BBDO colleague. She is married now with OZ army man, and she just move to Brisbane, so she knows best spot to sit and chat. After my breakfast, I walked to Southbank where we gonna meet. The road level in Brisbane is up and down, my direction to Southbank is mostly down, so I really enjoy my morning walk.

My friend said, that day was the best weather, after the whole week the was very cold and windy. So when we passed the public pool many people were laying down. We have lunch in South Side Diner, located in south bank plaza. I read the recommendation and my friend also said this was good place to have a burger.

Tips: If you like art, you may visit GOMA. It is worth to visit.

My Hotel at Brisbane
Brisbane is just rising up as next OZ big cities
Big portion for Asian guy like me
The weather was not too cold, so people go out and laying down at park
Exhibition at GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art)
Making Psychedelic Art
Hazelnut latte
Brisbane doesn't have lot tourist attraction. Yes, they have casino, but if you bring family with you and the efficient one is going to museum. You are not just looking but  you can try your sense of art, like I did in psychedelic class. The Queensland National Art Gallery comprised 38 pictures (many of which had been lent to the Gallery), one marble bust, and 70 engravings. I also visit their store, bought sketch marker to sketch my journey (catch my other page to see my sketch later on). So, after spent around 3 hours in the museum (yes, it took so long, and I almost spend the whole night. Next journey is having a coffee. I used train to a local area called Fortitude Valley. 

Fortitude Valley is a contradiction in itself – raw, yet sophisticated. It is where elegance and style meet grungy and offbeat, and heritage-listed properties proudly stand among contemporary buildings. The Valley, as it is affectionately known, was Australia’s first dedicated entertainment district and continues to be a hive of activity. Live music thrives and international DJs are drawn to the clubs and chic bars. The impressive Chinatown Mall is a hub of exotic Chinese supermarkets and restaurants. The Emporium complex channels a European village feel, James St showcases Australian fashion labels and Brunswick St is home to multicultural dining options. And of course, they had really good coffee.

backyard graffiti at the coffee shop
Brisbane skyscraper city light
Casino at Brisbane
Ferries wheel at the heart of Brisbane

Yes, today we are going to gold coast! I was excited because since I was a kid, my cousin always said gold coast like a dream land. Okay, not its time for me to explore it. Our journey to gold coast start in the train station. The officer were help a lot, to check my schedule and help to buy the tickets. We took train for 2.5 hours and alighted at the last stop in gold coast area, as close as we can to the beach. We already bought with bus ticket. So once, we alighted we took the bus until the beach area. But again, it was our very first trip, so we dunno which was the nearest station to our hotel, don't worry, their pedestrian are very tourist-friendly and of course for your bag. Oh have I told you, gold coast has city tram that very convenient ? I love how they put it together.

Tips: The easiest and cheapest way to go to Gold Coast from Brisbane is using train.

Surfer paradise
Gold Coast Tram. Quiet yet graphically nice.
Observing Gold Coast from the highest building

DAY 4 (GOLD COAST-Dreamworld)

It's time to make dream back to dream. Dreamworld, here we come! We bought the ticket on our hotel front desk. It was so easy to gather the information for tourist. They were really nice to explain to us, which is the best thing we can do while we were in GC. We catch bus up to go to dreamworld. It takes around 30 mins from the hotel. 

We were lucky, the weather on that day was not rainy, not also hot. When we touched down dreamworld, first thing we did was taking a lunch. We were so hungry, and we took burger, yup another burger. I was not surprised, the price is more expensive there compare when we were back to city. Our pass was allow us to enter whitewater also. But we prefer to spent whole day at dreamworld. We were finished around 5 pm, and we took the same bus to back to our hotel before we spent our dinner.
Tips: If you don't have much time in Gold Coast just but one day pass.

Gold Coast city scape

Flowrider give you the sensation of surfing.
Finally I take a look Kangaroo closer

Pimp my adrenaline up.


We had an early morning flight and almost missed it.Thanks to this bus (above picture). It took around 30 mins. The flight it self took around one and half hour from GC to Syd. After we arrived at Sydney, we tried to use train. We book our hotel near central station where it is close to CBD area or even darling harbour. Sydney train is massive. Brisbane and Gold Coast has smaller system. But Sydney is more complicated. Some of the station is from old building, it is good to take a photo but you will need extra energy if you are carrying a big travel bag because they don't have a elevator. 

Arriving at Central station, we walked to our hotel. As we arrived at lunch time, we tried to look a restaurant around our hotel. Using Zomato app on our iPhone, we found that there was a famous thai restaurant our hotel. An yes, they are famous because they serve great dishes. After taking a lunch, we went to biggest church in OZ, Hillsong Church. We took 5pm service. As it was located on suburban, we prepared to leave at 4 pm. But as, we were complicated blind about the suburban map, after took train, we took taxi to save time. I already wait for years to visit this church. I love the way they praise and worship.

After the service, there was a church bus to drop us to nearest trains station. For dinner, my cousin who lived in OZ for more ten years took me to Bondi Beach to have one of best ribs in OZ, Hurricane. That night we finished with a lot of laughs and beers. 

Tips: Sydney train station mostly doesn't have elevator. Big luggage would be a problem.

Park around Central station

Must try, hurricane pork ribs at bondi beach.

DAY 6 (Sydney City Tour)

Having a service apartment on your long travel is useful. We had our own washing machine and dryer in our room. It helps us to wash all our clothes, especially when it comes to rain. We clean all our clothes that morning, and leave it dry. At day 6, we planned to have city tour and little bit shopping. So our schedule was, darling harbour, sydney bridge, opera house and shopping around cbd. For dinner, we have all you can eat sushi and max brenner chocolate at darling harbour.

Tips: Try to cruise from darling harbour to opera house. 
Its cheap but you can get stunning views. 

 Cruising to opera house
 Sydney Bridge and Opera House
Darling Harbour has Yatch Festival during our visit

DAY 7 (Sydney Sub Urban)

We were lucky to have Indonesian friend in Sydney. So he took us to Three Sister Mountain. Its one and half hour from Sydney. The weather was so windy. It was great to have a cup of coffee. The panoramic view was really great. 

Tips: Dont back to city soon, try to stop at Leira, sip a coffee and enjoy the weather.

Melting cheese with a cup of cappucino in Leira make it more perfect


Last city to arrived, Melbourne. My most favourite in this OZ trip is Melb. They have good coffee, nice art. I will be back for sure. So, for day 7, we arrived at the evening, so we just enjoying our first night walking around the hotel. We stay at the Citadines, on bourke street. It is right at the centre of Melbourne. That night we also preparing our train card, which was ver convenience.

Tips: Buy myki card, you wont regret it. You can take train, bus, or even get discount for famous tourist destination.
Majesty Theatre, near chinatown, yes they have chinatown of course.

Myki card which I bought at my hotel front desk

DAY 7 (Melbourne city tour)

Good dayy Melbourne. This morning I took a walk around our service apartment to have a coffee. Local people said, we must try coffee shop at Melbourne laneway. On the way to coffee shop, we found nice graffiti art. After taking a breakfast next stop is using old train to look a round the centre of Melbourne, for free. We choose to visit ACMI for our next stop. ACMI is a museum for art, and multimedia. Their collections are from film until console game. I really glad, Melbournian is really appreciate art. After that, we found city library with a nice environmental graphic design on it before having a last our afternoon coffee break. At night I visited newest mall at town because it was raining. Oh yes, I tried to have my hair cut. They were really good on it also.

Tips: Try the old city tram for free, from here you can several destinations to be visited.

Love taking train, and look at the graphic!
Where laneway become an art exhibition.

City Circle Tram for free.
Don't miss coffee shop in this laneway.
The gate of ACMI. Here you can learn the process of animation also.
History of film could be learnt in this museum.
Who doesn't know this game console. So 90's!
Graphic design is so appreciated here.
Raining makes perfect for coffee here.
Free beer, and makes me more handsome.
DAY 8 (Melbourne city tour)

My last day here in my favourite city in OZ. Today, I went to suburban Melbourne using a cab to visit of local store. Using cab is expensive here, so I don't recommend, unless you really have to. Next stop, I went to Melbourne Museum. Yes, another museum, but here is even bigger than ACMI. I love visiting museum. If you dont bring a lot of money for your travel, spending time in museum could be a good option. Here, you can learn about local culture, and quite entertaining as well. I spent half of my day here in this museum before taking back to hotel. At night, I had a dinner in famous korean bbq (based on zomato). Good night Melbourne, see you very soon.

Tips: Visiting museum could be a good option escpecially if you like art and history, and of course its cheap also.

An old building opposite the museum.
Bringing a shopping back to Melbourne Museum.
Good bye Melbourne, see you soon!

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