Monday, May 16, 2016

Start from the small one

Design for 2nd Anniversary
I always believe that start from small thing but aim for the big one. This "Small and Big" issue has to be combine as one package. If we have perspective that the important is only do what needs for today without aiming big in the future, personally you will live like zombie. Because zombie has no future, what they did is only run and get their food. Meanwhile, if you don't take small thing seriously, and hoping something big happen, you are officially a dreamer.

From 2014 I have join my small church community, we called it DATE ( yes you can check complete it what it is and how it works. My focus here is, since I join this community I feel this is like small ministry. If you want to work with God and do something for HIM, before you have church ministry where you will serve thousands people, start with DATE. As a designer, I always want to use my talent for Him. And yes, this year I've been given opportunity as the leader of anniversary event, first thing first I create a design and theme for my DATE. And here is the design.

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