Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Vandalism or Tourism

An artwork at Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
During my childhood, my parents always told me that graffiti is the part of vandalism. Yes I agree but only until I saw it in Brisbane. I have read the article that Brisbane and Melbourne has a lot nice graffiti. In Jakarta, graffiti has pros and cons. Most citizen said it is vandalism. But other said its the part of self-expression. From my perspective, it depends the artwork look like. If it is only a scam/dirty words, I agree, it is vandalism. But if it is an artwork like I saw here in Brisbane, and dozen in Melbourne, it even becomes a tourism destination. At the hotel I found a small map for tourist to see those artwork in small lane Melbourne. You can enjoy coffee while surrounded with this artwork. So it is not vandalism anymore, its a tourism destination. (@axelwidjaja)

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