Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Myki, More Than a Value Pack

A value pack for public transportation in Melbourne for tram, train and bus.
For next 1-2 weeks, I will post regarding my trip to Australia from 23 Jul - 3 Aug. Don't get bored, because I will give valuable things especially in terms of branding. One of them is this value pack. I bought this at my hotel reception. Melbourne is my last city on my "tour", sounds like a rock star isn't it hahaha. Compare to other city in Australia I've visited, this one is the most valuable. Sydney was the most unvaluable, not only it was more expensive, the mechanism also terrible, the last one drop their score is about the design. Yes, design has vital score for me. Okay lets back to myki, the very first I took this pack, I like the PTV logo (Public Transportation of Victoria). Thanks to the die cut, it makes the pack in unusual form. Next best thing was I got the small wallet for my card, yes a wallet. I know it might be cheap from the material they use, however the wallet also has a same tone design. The value is not stop yet, I found ten discount vouchers for famous tourist destination like Melbourne museum, art gallery, etc. On top of that, I feel this card is more than a tram or train ticket, its more than visitor value pack. (@axelwidjaja)

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