Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Environmental "Friendly" Graphic Design

Signage design on Brisbane

Last night I saw a retro Hollywood movie, American Ninja for 5 min. Yes, only 5 min, not because it was a bad movie, but I was randomly thinking about something else. The scene was when the main actor, Michael Dudikof was teaching about environment. He said clearly at his class, environment is something surround us. It is a simple definition, yet if we connect it to graphic design, it has deeper meaning. I just came back from my first ever trip to Australia. Lot things I've got from there. One of them is about environment graphic design.

I learn so much thing from there. Let's took one example. Brisbane is the first city I arrived in my trip. Surprisingly, it was not difficult for me to find the direction. From the time, I arrived at the airport, until my city walk. So, let's throw back what Michael said about environment. Learn from this case, environment graphic design has to blend with the ambient surrounds it. If you see my example picture, the left one is the signage on the street, and the right one is the one in the middle of south bank where all the shopping center and tourist are there. These two signage has different objective. The left is more to give the easiest readability direction, while the right one is blend with the shopping center feeling. Hence, in this short case study we have learn two things, blended and readability. It is good to have good design of your signage, but it is better if it can blend and last but not least readability is also the list. (@axelwidjaja)

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