Sunday, March 16, 2014

Product vs Brand

What will consumer think it will be affected their decision to buy your products. Even a bad products could be sold out when consumer thing that its a good product for them. 

In early 2000, brand has important position to change consumer behaviour. Lets think about starbucks. Who thinks that a coffe stall where people actually can made it on their own home could strike in retail business. Starbucks not only a product, its become a brand that born in consumer mind. Who build or create it? Starbucks only seeding on consumer mind and drive it into their direction. How they did it? It starts by creating a stands out logo, and it continues from their store, merchandise even their staff attitude. It all creates brand in consumer mind. 

Eventually, the consumer are happy to pay $10 only for a cup. They are not only pay for the coffee but they pay for what we called brand. So brand is a good investment as well. At the end, everyone can easily adapt what other people produce but brand only have one soul, if you are not stands enough other product or even brand are leading after you. (@axelwidjaja)

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