Monday, January 30, 2012

5 Principle of Brand Experience

In a world where Brands are no longer defined by positioning but their roles in peoples lives, the experience that a Brand creates and curates though it’s products and services is fundamental to the sustainability of the business. 

Most peer-to-peer recommendation is based on experience - our perception, the emotional take out of interacting with products and services - if the experience fails, then so does the Brand. So how do we design the end-to-end Experience? How do we support the role of the Brand in the world? The following is presented as a set of principles and questions that brands should consider when designing this system.

The modern Brand Experience should be:
Ubiquitous, Social, Semantic, Sentient and Human.

- Throughout the experience / value chain
- Across multiple channels


- Enhanced by the social graph (but not dependent upon it)
- Creates and facilitates conversations
- Shareable


- Gives meaning to complex multilayer data
- Understands human requests
- Connect-able


- Context aware
- Reacts (per-tempts) accordingly
- Learns


- Simplifies complexity
- Democratizes the service
- Creates new behaviors
- Gives immediate value

While these principles are by no means definitive - as a starting point for challenging the existing experience, they can help a brand maintain a role that is living, human, considerate and above all - valuable.

Cited from: Wolff Olins Blog. Thanks guys!
Nathan Williams @nathanawilliams is a Strategist at Wolff Olins London specializing in Brand Experience and Technology. Thanks to contributors - Yelena Ford and Morgan Holt.

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