Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Branding | Lucuna Baby Clothing

The background
Finally we met again after she left to Cannes to work in 2007. Tanti, my office mate who started to create her own business. Baby clothing, since her child was born, she likes to shop baby clothing. Whether in Cannes or even Jakarta, she found that baby clothing could be one of big business. Around 2010, she came back to Jakarta, and she accomplished her destiny, to become entrepreneur. Therefore, we had a great chat about her vision and desire.

The challenge
She found so many baby clothing brand with same color, tone and even a name. Hence, before we start too far, she asked me to make a brand name which is unique, easy to remember, charming and sincere. I made a timeline to avoid we stuck with the same step. But Tanti is good partner to work with, and we had a great vision to build. Alongside, she asked me to make her logo and each stationery material. Since she felt happy with those works, she asked me to make website template as well, which is easy to update.

The solution 
There are so many names that I gave her, from baby names until something cute but there is no meaning. Accordingly, on the next meeting, she choose to make the one with meaning but still cute. It is quite hard to find, but since my job is to make solution, consequently, I came with three names, and finally she choose, "Lucuna" in other words (English) "So funny..!" Her husband very like it, so original and yet cute.

As we already made the decision for the brand name, our next step was making the logo. Honestly, before she choose, at the same time, I already sketched 3 or 4 icon. I adjusted it to make it funnier and cuter. The final material, we agreed to use red pantel, as our brand color, not only fresh, this color had appeal Lucuna as a new baby clothing brand.

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