Friday, October 21, 2011

Branding | Logo Tahapan Xpresi

When corporate meets teenager, this happens. BCA, as one of the top commercial brands in Indonesia, is planning to capture new market which is no other bank in Indonesia did it. They called their new products, Tahapan Xpresi. The new way of saving for young teenager in Indonesia from 18-24 years old who live in metropolitan to save their spare money. The feature of Tahapan Xpresi is they can choose their own ATM card and add their photo. This feature makes young teenagers can express their personality with Xpresi.


  1. bisa minta logo xpresinya gak mas bro, yg ukuran file gde?? aku ada event bca soalnya.. tapi logonya kecil2..

  2. Sorry bro, just read your comment. If you need any inquiry in the future, please feel free to email Thanks!