Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Branding | New Beginnings Preschool

The background
This 2010 it's time for "New Beginnings". In early January 2010, I met Ms. Mariah, a Philippine citizen who want to open kindergarten school in Jakarta, the name is "New Beginnings Preschool". The school is located on Jakarta's head of dragon, kelapa gading,and is surrounded with one biggest mall in South East Asia, Mall of Indonesia. Her school concept is modern, and minimalist, with 4 stories building, equipped with every iMac in every classroom, iPad as teaching tools and is supported with elevator.The challenge
Being bold with communication is one of her basic aspect. Not just because her old friend is already open the same concept preschool near kelapa gading. She want a logo with logotype and icon is separated because she is planning to open babies clothing one day. She is also hoping the color would be bright, cheerful but not too fancy as this school is a premium class.
The typography must be unique, her hobbies is collecting hallmark card so basically her eyes is quite sharp about design.
The solutionThe developing process approximately takes 1 month. From basic sketch, icon, typography, color and positioning. Butterfly is capturing a new birth, new hope, and new beginning. By combining the butterfly and the letter "NB" makes this logo bold, unique, yet simple.
The color is quite sweet like a girl and the blue is active like a boy. The branding is spread out until name card, envelope, letterhead, signage, and interior branding.

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