Monday, May 16, 2016

Start from the small one

Design for 2nd Anniversary
I always believe that start from small thing but aim for the big one. This "Small and Big" issue has to be combine as one package. If we have perspective that the important is only do what needs for today without aiming big in the future, personally you will live like zombie. Because zombie has no future, what they did is only run and get their food. Meanwhile, if you don't take small thing seriously, and hoping something big happen, you are officially a dreamer.

From 2014 I have join my small church community, we called it DATE ( yes you can check complete it what it is and how it works. My focus here is, since I join this community I feel this is like small ministry. If you want to work with God and do something for HIM, before you have church ministry where you will serve thousands people, start with DATE. As a designer, I always want to use my talent for Him. And yes, this year I've been given opportunity as the leader of anniversary event, first thing first I create a design and theme for my DATE. And here is the design.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Billboard | New Beginnings Preschool

Client: New Beginnings | Project: Outdoor

2015 is almost end, my seven years client asked us to make promotion for upcoming new year class. This billboard not only about the preschool, they have the other two departments, which are tuition factory and reading factory. Its not easy as the client request top put lot information. Lot discussion happens until we met at same point. The concept is how to make it blend between these three constitutions. So we came up with this concept, an info-graphic board. It starts with the preschool kids at the left and ended with tuition kids. And the important thing is, client loves it.

Typhography Experiment | Dream On

When you have dream,
be brave and make it real.

The obstacle is always there.
But perseverance will win.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Packaging Design | Diamond Juice

Client: Diamond / Project: Tetra Pack Design
As creative boutique shop, we are always welcome our client to challenge us with any discipline to help communicate their brand. Having packaging project is a challenging for us. Not because we are not capable to, but for us packaging design not only nice but the content have to clear.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Logo Design | Me Milk

Client: Me Milk | Project: Logotype

Me Milk is a dessert with milk and fruits or other toppings in it. Not like just ordinary milk, here you could taste the healthiness combine with freshness. Hence, to enhance this brand, our client brief was how to describe their brand into logo while keeping the youthful spirit but not too childish as they are aiming from 10 until 18 years old as main target. Choosing a typo is the tricky part, but glad we have same vision with our client to make the brand bold yet fun. It was exciting project and we were glad to work with the client.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Company Profile | Indoasia

Client : PT Indoasia Thrivetama |  Project : Company Profile
Creating a company profile with hundreds type of product on it, what a great experience.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Movie Poster | Nada Untuk Asa

Client : Magma Films |  Project : Movie Poster.
First time ever working on movie project. Such a great experience.